Looking Negative


To the dear readers who from time to time read my blogs and so often make the kind of comments that sooth the ego, I do indeed thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I do plead ignorance I have trouble answering your comments because I haven’t as yet figured out how the reply function works, but I will.  Someone did complain about the format not fitting their device and I will try to address this mater with my computer guru:).

Looking Negative:

Usually I try to write about upside information that will give readers a perspective on things that may touch their lives. Today I have a list of troubling problems each of which will briefly be explained and offer some sort of solution.

Robots: Robots have been in existence for quite some time but of late are being perfected for industrial tasks to a point where they threaten social well being of the economy. Germany, China and the United States are replacing human labour. If this trend persists we are compelled to ask what about the people who formerly did the work that the robots now do? It is a very serious problem.  Bob White formerly a Union Leader, I think with the AWU once said when threatened by a GM Executive about raising workers wages; I hope your robots buy a lot of cars.  People need to work to have a sense of worth , we need that and without it what are we to do?

I think the time has come when everybody should get an annual income, something like $10,000.00 annual income from the government. The money can be very easily raised from factories with robots, taxing profits from hedge funds and taxing the wealthy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

AI can be a wonderful asset if it can be controlled.  Artificial Intelligence, if I understand it correctly, is a process where a computer starts to do logical thinking and is able to build upon that thinking.  It can be oh so scary.  In factories robots with AI can improve themselves.  Governments need to wake up and develop laws that govern AI that may be used in factory robots.  This may sound a little Luddite but after all robots should serve all humanity not just a chosen few.

Over Population:

Picture the world as a lifeboat, as people climb in it goes lower and lower in the water until it finally sinks. Each person requires food, shelter, unbiased education and a decent quality of life.  It is a given that the resources of the world are finite. I added education because in reality education enables deductive thought process.  When over population takes place some people get left out because of the very harsh competition amongst humans for the necessities of life.  Those who are left out are bound to rebel to make ends meet; they join rebel armies, terrorist groups or beg in the streets.  Poverty is the undoing of civil society and it is in everybody’s self interest to ensure that family planning is alive and well in the community.  We need to do our best to ensure that all children are properly nurtured and sheltered, if not we pay the price.  The majority of the population do not, I think, oppose benign family planning.  In many countries contraception is unknown and unavailable and the result can be over population and starvation.  I see Christian organizations begging for money on TV to feed starving people. Of course those who are starving should be fed but that is only treating the symptom of over population.  The solution is not feeding people it is family planning and showing people how to feed themselves.  Organizations who collect money to earn a living and feed starving people could simply be merchants of misery if they do not address the root problem. Over Population.

Climate change is real:  Sixty years ago Mahone Bay harbour in Nova Scotia used to freeze over with thick ice. So thick that an icebreaker that came into the harbour in April to free a boat in the ice made the mistake of staying over night and it too became frozen in.  Now Mahone Bay harbour only has the occasional skim of ice here and there.  The message here is we simply have to turn away from fossil fuel and seek other sources of energy for locomotion like aircraft, ships, trains, busses, trucks and cars. That is one hell of a tall order.  However, lithium batteries can solve some of the problem, hydrogen is a potential except it could cloud over the whole world if commonly used.  Humanity is innovative it is just a matter of taking pent up financial resources and deploy them with meaningful research to solve the many problems.  It will not happen overnight but it must happen.  Where I live winters are cold and guess what?  Burning wood for heat is a zero sum game.  Trees when they are living give off both oxygen and carbon dioxide.  When they die as they rot they give off carbon dioxide, the same amount as when you burn the wood for heat.  So all of you rural dudes who love your wood stoves can feel a little smug just so long as you have a clean burning device that does not smoke out your neighbours.  What ever we do we have to protect and enhance personal incomes, try to reduce our environmental footprint and influence others to do the same.  Transition has to be a slow and deliberate and job creation must be a component of the changing economy.


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