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There are many ways to market your product and there may be no such thing as the only right way. If you have made improvements to an existing product that is what you will be selling. Maybe an explanation of our own experience may be helpful.

We, my wife and I, were associated with two chemists who were working for the Alberta government trying to make a cheap stabiliser for dimensional Aspen lumber. We were interested in a stabilizer that would stop the bark from falling off the cottonwood panels and plaques. The Taxidermy Industry used these panels and plaques upon which to mount fish and animal heads. We owned a fly in fishing lodge and some of our customers wanted their trophy fish on panels that had bark all around. Our chemist associates made us wonder if a stabilizer would stop the bark from falling off the panels.

We cut some rough panels and treated them with a cheap stabilizer and put them around the base board heaters of the apartment and dried them to 5% moisture content. The result was that the bark stayed on. We bought enough simple machinery to make enough panels for a pilot project. Then we coated them with a clear coating and did something that nobody else had done before. We put each panel in shrink wrap and put a label on them “Anglewood Products”.

Now we have a product so how are we going to market it? Remember these bark on panels were already on the market and had the bad name that the bark could fall off. We put a large box on our boat trailer, filled it with panels and called on just about every taxidermist in western Canada. We told perspective buyers who had the time to listen that we guaranteed that the bark would not fall off. Cold calls can be a daunting activity, not everybody is welcoming, and some are decidedly not. Never forget to smile, try to relax and be in polite friendly mode.

By the time we returned home every panel had been sold and we had orders. We wound down our economic development consulting business and started to make panels. The big point of all of this is this; if you have an improved product “Show it to prospective buyers” A few years later after a lot of trying we landed a large American Taxidermy Supply Company as clients. At the showing of our panels the Vice President of Sales said “I have to tell you folks if you hadn’t shown us the products we would never in God’s world started dealing with you!


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