About Us

The Babine Lake Community Forest Society:

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations of the Province of British Columbia issues Community Forest tenures and has developed “Government’s Objectives for Community Forest Agreements”

This form of Tenure is intended to provide new opportunities for community management of Crown forest land.

By providing communities with greater flexibility to manage local forests, government seeks to:

  • provide long-term opportunities for achieving a range of community objectives, values and priorities
  • diversify the use of and benefits derived from the community forest agreement area
  • provide social and economic benefits to British Columbia
  • undertake community forests consistent with sound principles of environmental stewardship that reflects a broad spectrum of values
  • promote community involvement and participation
  • promote communication and strengthen relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities and persons
  • foster innovation
  • advocate forest worker safety

Note:  The Babine Lake Community Forest Society is a partnership of people from two communities; The Lake Babine Nation and the Municipality     of Granisle.  It seems appropriate to describe the terms of reference for a Community Forest because that is “about us”